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03 Dec 2020
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Parle-G thanks frontline workers through digital film

Manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery, Parle Products has launched a digital film for Parle G brand dedicated to all the brave individuals who are fighting every day for the wellbeing of our country as the pandemic rages on. The campaign is a showcase of gratitude towards frontline workers ending with the message of ‘Aap hai toh hum hai’.

The ad film features a bunch of kids wondering why their parents are stepping out of their homes when schools, roads and everything is shut with a nationwide lockdown in place. They question why their parents step out every day to serve others and worry due to the possibility of their parents getting infected. Then one of the kids mentioned that his parents explained to him that the country is going through a tough time and needs all of us as we are all soldiers playing a part to overcome this pandemic.

The film captures how Parle workers are diligently performing their duties while ensuring set sanitisation protocols are being followed. Starting from workers undergoing thermal screening at the entrances, the machines being disinfected, and the workers wearing masks and gloves all the time.